Georgios Technitis

Becoming geoSmarter, not just geo-user

«GeoIntelligence is all about contextualization of data in order to extract the insight». By telling some parallel running stories Georgios will walk the audience through some of the least expected places/people relevant to geography. From his experience with the global financial & insurance system he shares some examples of (well and badly implemented) geo-cases.


Georgios is a fired up geo-scientist, who brings geo-context in everything he touches.

He is currently serving as a Head of the Geo-Data Modelling team at SwissRe though his early career in GIS and Remote Sensing was in the startup world. After working on natural hazard modeling, setting up a virtual reality & robotics arena, developing an indoors location system and putting together a hardware production line in China, he came to Switzerland to pursuit his PhD in movement simulation.

SwissRE found him surfing @Spatial Center at UC Santa Barbara, and ever since he deals daily with the development of a wide spectrum of geospatial solutions; from parametric insurance triggers to the expected crop-yield calculation and from wildfire modeling, to the design of a full-fledged, bespoke geo-platform.

His main work principles? Passion for Impact, Efficiency and Realistic Innovation.