Webinare 2022

Open Data und Crowd Sourcing

Datum: 21.09.2022
Zeit: 15:30-17:00h
Sprache: folgt


Webinar "To the point - the power of point-based data analytics"

Datum: 24. März 2022
Zeit: 16:00-17:30h
Sprache: Englisch

Point-based data have always been part of spatial analyses. With technological and methodological developments, point data can not only be acquired with new procedures, but also utilized on a new level via improved processing and interpretation options.

In this webinar, four short presentations from industry and research will give an insight into how to work with points as information carriers and what the potential of modern point-based analyses is. The topics will range from multi-sensory imaging techniques to spatial distribution patterns and characterisation of point characteristics over time.

Lectures and speakers:

  • «Close-range remote sensing to support the Swiss National Forest Inventory» - Dr. Daniel Kükenbrink (WSL):
  • «The importance of spatial patterns in forest structure analysis» - Dr. Eva Bianchi (Amt für Wald, Jagd und Fischerei/ Kanton Solothurn)
  • «Using Persistent Scatterer Radar Interferometry to measure landslides in the Swiss Alps» - Dr. Christophe Magnard (Gamma RS)
  • «Coltop3D - Interactive analysis of geological features from high resolution 3D point clouds» - Dr. Thierry Oppikofer (Terranum)

(Organised by the SGPF in cooperation with GEOSummit)

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