Our sponsors

bbp geomatik ag

bbp geomatik ag, with its team of geodata specialists and engineers, has been a partner of international data providers for many years. In addition to consulting, we offer data delivery and contract management, data refinement and smart combinations, data analysis and access to portals, implementation and development of information systems. With the data products we distribute, we are able to solve your pending problems in the field of geodata, especially roads, traffic and mobility.

Esri Suisse

At Esri we firmly believe that location intelligence can fully unlock a data’s potential in every organization. We therefore continually strive to build the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. Esri’s ArcGIS provides users with a scientific-based approach to solving Geo related problems in real time.


Today, enterprises and organizations collect and analyze huge volumes of data about everything from products and customers to assets, operations, and transactions. With SAP HANA, you can add a new dimension of intelligence by analyzing spatial data. SAP’s in-memory data management platform not only provides the technology for building geospatial applications, but also geo-content and services, along with a strong partner network.


SOGI unifies interested members with the aim to promote the utilization of Geoinformation and its interdisciplinary use. Organizations, individuals associations, companies, public authorities and sponsors can join SOGI.  It is the only Swiss GIS umbrella organization and member of the european umbrella organization EUROGI.